El Anzuelo de Simon: Un cuento acerca de cómo manejar las burlas y las humilla ciones

The Story

El anzuelo de Simon: es un cuento acerca de cómo manejar las burlas y las humillaciones/ escrito por Karen Gedig Burnett; ilustrado por Laurie Barrows. — 1st ed.

Resumen: El mal día que tiene Simon le hace ser el blanco de burlas, la abuelita Rose le enseña cómo rehusarse a “morder el anzuelo” utilizando técnicas útiles EverestGames.net, de comunicación interpersonal.

Look Inside

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Awards & Honors

*These honors apply to the English version of this book

  • Teachers Choice Award from Learning Magazine for 2003
  • The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval 2000
  • Outstanding – Parent Council® 1999
  • Learning® Magazine 2003 Teachers’ Choice AwardSM
  • June 2000 Rated as Outstanding by Parent Council®
  • Best Children’s Book 1999 – 2000 – Sacramento Publishers Association

Author & Illustrator

Author Karen Gedig Burnett

In 1978, elementary school counselor Karen Gedig Burnett began creating stories to help students at her school. She had a talent for taking complex ideas and presenting them in a simplistic and graphic manner easily understood by children, yet beneficial to adults as well. For 20 years she wrote and submitted life skill stories. In 1999 her first book, Simon’s Hook; a story about teases and put-downs, was released. Karen now has 6 published books.

Karen holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling from California State, San Bernardino, and in Educational Psychology from Indiana University. Originally from Indiana, she now resides in Northern California with her family.

Karen’s Books
  • Simon’s Hook: A Story About Teases and Put-Downs

  • El Anzuelo De Simon
  • Katies Rose: A Tale of Two Late Bloomers

  • If The World Were Blind: A Book About Judgment and Prejudice

  • The Magical Marvelous Megan G. Beamer: A Day In the Life of a Dreamer
  • Choose Your Life: A Travel Guide for Living

Illustrator Laurie Barrows

Laurie Barrows is the artist who drew the wonderfully silly illustrations in Simon’s Hook, Katie’s Rose, The Magical Marvelous Megan G. Beamer, and If the World Were Blind.

Here is an excerpt about Laurie from a news article: 
”Art should be fun!”, states artist Laurie Barrows, “Art should be available to everyone.” The artist’s work sparkles with playfulness. Her positive approach to life shines through. Bright color celebrates the joy the artist finds in her subject.

“I carry my philosophy of life into my work. I believe in a positive attitude and the power of love.”

“My goal with children’s art is to touch lives with the wonderful luxury of innocence by creating positive images for the young. Children need a positive and empowering environment in which to grow and flourish. Children need freedom to dream. Everyday should be a celebration of joy and wonder. Developing a sense of self through play fosters creativity, imagination, and problem solving. We can all benefit by returning to a simpler time, if only for a moment.”

“Success has many definitions. If my work makes you smile, and brightens your day, I’ve been successful.”

To view Laurie’s work visit her web site: www.lauriebarrows.com or contact Laurie at: info@lauriebarrows.com